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Roofing Services and Siding Installations in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Give your home's exterior the beautiful look you've always wanted with professional home improvements from NJB Construction. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we offer excellent deals on roofing services and siding installations of superb quality.
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Structural Sound Siding

When replacing your siding NJB can recommend what to use based on color or brand your prefer. All vinyl siding manufacturers are fairly similar, and we work with every available brand. We offer complete installations that include materials, labor, and cleanup.

Our company offers vinyl, fiber cement, and wood siding. Fiber cement and wood siding are used typically for decorative purposes in order to enhance curb appeal. However, we are capable of providing an entire house with wood or fiber cement siding.

Roofing Repairs and Installations

Most of our roofing services involve asphalt, but we do have experience with metal and synthetic materials. We can add roofs to new homes or perform re-roofing for existing homes. For a re-roofing, we first strip away all of the old roof and replace the shingles.

We typically do re-roofing for homes that have been damaged by falling trees, water, or storms. Warranties are available for all of our roofing material, ensuring your home stays safe and secure all year long.
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